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Konark proposes to use clean, inexhaustible power of Wind to provide clean energy to India, thereby

… helping to clean our environment and air
… reducing our dependency on fossil fuel
… creating new jobs

Konark and its subsidiaries plan to develop, construct, own and operate commercial wind farms throughout India. Based in Mumbai, India, Konark is currently in the process of developing over 100 MW of farms around India.
Exploring the renewable power generation in India further, Konark is planning to commission more than 100 MW of wind power by 2014 focusing primarily on the western and southern belt of India. The wind potential of India has been adding green power base to the country’s cumulative power generation for the last 10 years. The energy source can be tapped through very simple machinery of “wind power generator” easily available in market through renowned players; that too in various capacities thereby providing flexibility in deciding the generation base. Apart from adding to sustainable development of the country, the projects provide impressive returns and constant cash flow through sale of electricity to state electricity transmission utilities, group captive consumers or traders.